Short Description:

NPT Female adapters

Item No: 7N

  • Min.Order Quantity: 300 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port: Ningbo
  • Payment Terms: L/C,PayPal,T/T
  • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, brass
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    7N-02 Z1/8″X27 Z1/8″X27 24 17
    7N-02-04 Z1/8″X27 Z1/4″X18 27 19
    7N-04 Z1/4″X18 Z1/4″X18 29 19
    7N-04-06 Z1/4″X18 Z3/8″X18 31 22
    7N-06 Z3/8″X18 Z3/8″X18 29 22
    7N-06-08 Z3/8″X18 Z1/2″X14 38 30
    7N-08 Z1/2″X14 Z1/2″X14 38 30
    7N-08-12 Z1/2″X14 Z3/4″X14 43 36
    7N-12 Z3/4″X14 Z3/4″X14 39 36
    7N-12-16 Z3/4″X14 Z1″X11.5 45.5 41
    7N-16 Z1″X11.5 Z1″X11.5 48 41
    7N-20 Z1.1/4″X11.5 Z1.1/4″X11.5 49 50
    7N-24 Z1.1/2″X11.5 Z1.1/2″X11.5 49 60
    7N-32 Z2″X11.5 Z2″X11.5 50 70

    Product classification and main product pictures

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    Over 15 years’experience in manufacturing

    • Complying with ISO standard
    • Strong R&D team providing customized products and standard goods
    • Using CAD software and CNC-machining center
    • High quality in raw material
    • About 250 CNC machines and 200 trained workers
    • Products are large in-stock inventory
    • Free samples offered

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    Our EXhibition


    What we do?

    ·A leading manufacturer of hydraulic products.

    ·Complete in-house design and fabrication services.

    ·We have our own factory, and products are large in-stock inventory.

    ·We have a strong technical team to support product technology and customized items.

    ·About 180 CNC machines and 200 trained employees.

    ·We are driven to provide long-term, reliable service that exceeds your expectation.


    Why choose us?

    ·A professional and trusted leader in hydraulics market with more than 10 years’history.

    ·Products are competitive in price and superior in quality.

    ·A growing company investing in talented personnel new technology to deliver cutting edge,competitive services.

    ·We have experienced, dedicated employees who care about your success.


    New products?

    ·New factory to produce manifold block was established for common delivery &return line of hydraulic stems and power pack.

    ·Material aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel are available.

    ·Surface treatment products: blacken color treatment, phosphate and nickel plating.

    ·PH owns professional machining center, radial drill, drill machine, grinder, milling machines, lathe,tapping machine, sawing machine and so on.

    ·Base on professional tech team, PH can make the superior quality Hydraulic valve Block for customer according to customer’s request.

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