Precautions for the use of hose

Due to the complexity of the types of hoses, the diverse structures, and the different conditions of use, the service life of the hoses is not only determined by the quality, but also by the correct use and maintenance. Therefore, even if the product has a very high quality, if it cannot be used and maintained correctly, it will seriously affect its quality and life span, and even cause serious accidents that should not occur, causing damage to property. The following precautions are now provided:

1. The hose and hose assembly can only be used to transport the designed material, otherwise it will reduce replacement or failure.
2. Use the length of the hose correctly. The length of the hose changes under high pressure (-4%-+ 2%) and the length change caused by mechanical movement.
3. The hose and the assembly section of the hose are used under pressure (including shock pressure) exceeding the design working pressure.
4. Under normal conditions, the temperature of the medium conveyed by the hose and hose assembly exceeds -40℃-+120℃, otherwise it will reduce replacement.
5. The hose and hose assembly are used in less than the maximum area of ​​the hose to avoid bending or bending near the pipe joints, otherwise it will cause hydraulic transmission and transportation of materials or damage the hose assembly.
6. The hose and hose assembly are used in a twisted state.
7. The hose and hose assembly should be handled carefully to avoid dragging, bending and flattening on sharp and rough surfaces.
8. The hose and hose assembly should be kept clean, and the inside should be flushed (especially the acid pipe, spray pipe, mortar pipe).
9. The hose and hose assembly that have exceeded the service life or storage period must be tested and identified before they can be used.



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Post time: Aug-29-2020
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