Installation requirements and precautions of hydraulic pipeline, hydraulic components and auxiliary components in hydraulic system

The installation of hydraulic system includes the installation of hydraulic pipelines, hydraulic components and auxiliary components. Its essence is to connect the units or components of the system through fluid connectors (the general name of oil pipes and joints) or hydraulic manifold blocks to form a circuit. According to the connection form of hydraulic control elements, it can be divided into: integrated type (hydraulic station type); Decentralized. Both forms need to be connected by fluid connections.
1、 Installation of pipe connections
1. Installation and requirements of oil suction pipeline
1) The oil suction pipeline shall be as short as possible with less bending, and the pipe diameter shall be properly selected without being too thin.
2) The oil suction pipe shall be tightly connected without air leakage, so as not to make the pump suck in air during operation, resulting in noise in the system, so that the oil cannot be sucked. Therefore, it is recommended to use sealant at the oil suction port of the pump to connect with the oil suction pipe.
3) In addition to the plunger pump, a filter shall be installed on the oil suction pipeline of the hydraulic pump. The oil filtering accuracy is usually 100 ~ 200 mesh. The flow capacity of the filter is at least twice the rated flow of the pump. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the convenience of disassembly and assembly during cleaning. Generally, in the design process of the oil tank, the hand hole near the oil suction filter of the hydraulic pump is based on this consideration.
2. Installation and requirements of oil return pipe
1) The main oil return pipe of the actuator and the oil return pipe of the overflow valve shall extend below the liquid level of the oil tank to prevent bubbles caused by oil splashing. At the same time, the oil return pipe shall be cut into a 45 ° inclined port towards the oil tank wall.
2) When the oil drain port of pressure reducing valve, sequence valve and solenoid valve with external leakage is connected with the oil return pipe, back pressure is not allowed, otherwise the oil drain port shall be connected back to the oil tank separately to avoid affecting the normal operation of the valve.
3) The oil pipe installed in a horizontal plane shall have a slope of 3 / 1000 ~ 5 / 1000. When the pipeline is too long, a pipe clamp holding the oil pipe shall be fixed every 500mm.

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